About Us

-Tea time-

Our Story

This SME is being created back in 2017 at the home kitchen in the heart city of Sarawak which is Kuching.

The idea of starting this business is started when she are quitting her job as a contract lecturer at the public universities in Kuching and when she started to wondering why the sandwich that being able to get here are mostly being made from a smash boil egg, mayonnaise and also bread. So she kind of having a thought why not make a variety of the sandwich fill itself.

So started from that moment, she had come out with a various amount of ideas for the sandwich fills such as tuna, beef pepperoni, grilled chicken, chicken slice, local favorites chilies which is Cabik Geronong (Capsicum Chinense) and also the homemade dressing. In addition, she already received a warm welcome to the industry by having a lot of request order from the customer itself for their own event such as birthday party, shop opening events, company workers pension events and even there were some of the customers are ordering for their department lunch.

Breadible Founder

  • Esfarina Amiza is the founder of Breadibles
  •  Age 32 Years Old
  • Establish the Breadibles by her own